1. Kc just broke his finger 😩 but luckily his splint is awesome for slide guitar solos 👍

  2. We’ve been a bit quiet recently BUT don’t worry everything’s ok we’re just writing our 3rd album ❤️📀

  3. This is what a June gloom-ified guitar looks like! Thanks to Simon Be for sharing it with us! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hey secret garden party we’re on at 12.45 lunch time tomorrow! Who’s ready to partyyyyy

  5. Ergh mer guhd we’re melting! Onstage at truck festival at 4.15 ❤️

  6. Redecorating and found the first ever amp I got when I was 12 under my bed. 😍 #feelingnostalgic #crapamp

  7. Our session for Lauren laverne is up on bbc iplayer now! Excuse my morning maniac face ❤️

  8. Win Butler and a tree ❤️🌳 Arcade Fire were so inspiring last night #arcadefire #hydepark

  9. See how much I love staring at my self in the mirror in our new video up on Dazed & Confused magazine 😉

  10. We have 100 signed copies of our new E.P Sakura. Check our Facebook or Twitter for more details ❤️🎶